150720-Revised-wording-of-FAQ-for-the-public-service-on-non-essential-travel-overseas-issued-140720 2029-03 essential service providers in the framework of the new public guidelines 2020/05/New-and-updated-FAQs-for-issue-on-28-April-2020 Letter from Connect Trade Union to Local Authority Shop Stewards of 27 November 2 2020/11/Revenues and monthly expenditures of all sub-sectors of the state-for September-2020 Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2018 (Lan Downe Road Agreement) 2020 03 Bulletin 15 Holiday for training or emergency training with voluntary search and rescue June 2017 Bulletin on Single Scheme Administration Project Public Service Pension Scheme Visit page Visit page for more contact details and office hours. 2020/04/Memo-to-COs-re-CRTs-for-Residential-Care-Home-Support-Outbreaks-090420 2020/11/Circular-16-2020-This-Circular-outlines -Internal-Dispute-Procedures-for-pension-appeals 2020/05/20.05.06.Summary of participation and work arrangements-during-COVID-19 Updated Summary Tips regarding HCW Re: Close-Contacts Letter from Dept. of Public Expenditure to ICTU June 2017 on understandings Re New Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020. . 20-19-03-HR-Circular-010-2020-Health-care-worker-return Cheltenham 2020/07/20.06.17.Circular-HSE-DPER-FAQ-1 June 5 -2020 2020/11/HR-Memo-re-Attendance-in-the-work-premises-during-COVID-19-1 20-24-03 Appendix 1 HSE Covid 19 Guides for Employees on Selfi isolation and self-quarantine notifications . HR Bulletin 013 2020 Council update for health professionals during the deceleration phase Updated Board Summary for HCW Post International Travel 2020/11/Dept-of-Health-A-Code-of-Conduct-for-Health-and-Social-Service-Provider 1 The HSE has created a number of documents, other guidelines for the implementation of the Ministry of Health`s Circular 5/2013 „Emergency Financial Measures in the Public Interest Act 2013 and the Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2016.“ March 2020 Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Document on frequently asked questions of public and public service members regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus Guidance Occupational Health Pregnancy – Other Risks Letter from Dept. Public spending of 18 September 2017 at the Public Utilities Committee ICTU Adoption of Public Services Stable Pay Agreement 020/04/Covid-Response-Teams Operational-Guidance-080420-3 Revised-policy-on-redeployment-of-staff-during-covid-19-2 19 Infection 20.07.07-CERS-Memo-37-2020-Resumption-of-Grievance-Disciplinary-and-other-HR-Processes-COVID-19 2020/06/TBT-COVID-19-Worker-Representative Representative -Rev2-09.06.20-DRAFT-changes-accepted 2020/09/HR-Circular-049-2020-Leave-Arrangements-for-Employees 2020/09/HR-Circular-047-2020 -Extension-auf-Waiver-of-Slaughter Link here at the Health Protection Surveillance Centre 2020/11/201015_HSE-Exploring-Staff-Experiences-of-Staff-of-Experiences OF COVID-19—Focus-Groups 20-05 Work-Health-Safety-Safety-Guidance Road.