Nefab has signed an agreement to acquire eucalipto de Pontevedra`s operations in Spain. The company is owned by Norte Forestal SA, a subsidiary of ENCE Group in Spain. The company manufactures eucalyptus-based plywood primarily for packaging purposes. Today, the production capacity of Eucalipto de Pontevedra represents a sales value of about 7 million euros. Nefab is currently The largest customer of Eucalipto de Pontevedra. The agreement is taken over by Nefab by taking over the stocks of finished products, equipment, tools and personnel, while the seller continues to own the premises of We are pleased to announce that Nefab AB and Szkaliczki – Partners Holding Ltd. have signed an agreement on 17 February 2020 in which Nefab AB intends to acquire 100% of the shares of Szkaliczki – Partners Plastic Processing Ltd in Hungary. Szkaliczki`s state-of-the-art technology and powerful engineering capabilities for thermoformed shells are a fantastic complement to Nefab`s global offering of technical multi-material packaging solutions and logistics services. With Szkaliczki`s expertise, Nefab will be even better able to serve its customers worldwide in reimbursement, 30.4 The contracting state withdrawing from this contract will bear the costs of this revocation. The financial consequences of this withdrawal are determined in a special agreement between the outgoing State Party and the other States Parties.

The Right of Withdrawal of the State Party is not affected. 25.3 In the NEFAB AIR SPACE, which is not within the jurisdiction of the contracting state that has designated the certifying ESAs, the certifying NSA implements, without prejudice to the agreements covered in paragraph 2, any control and monitoring of the security of the provision of services by the service provider concerned. On 4 January 2012, NEFAB presented its consultation materials to the European Commission on the basis of the views of interested parties, Member States and EASA. All consultation documents are available on the EC website at the The NSA of States Parties are empowered to take steps to ensure the safe and effective implementation of NEFAB. These agreements are defined in cooperation agreements between the NESAs of the States Parties as well as in the cooperation agreements concluded with the NESAs of other functional airspace blocks in Europe. These cooperation agreements contain only specific regulatory, operational and technical aspects that are limited to the scope and objective of this agreement, as well as to the general competence of these authorities, set by the national legislation of each State party. – Billing increased by 19% to SEK 1,637 million (1,380).- Earnings per financial item amounted to SEK 141 million (122). Net income amounted to SEK 105 million (91).- Earnings per share were SEK 3.80 (3.30).- NPNC Intreer AB, the company`s new principal owner. Notification of the extraordinary general meeting for change of ownership.- Decision to request the decommissioning of the company`s action. For more information, please contact the President and CEO, Lars-Eke Rydh, on 46-70-592 45 70, e-mail:, or .B. Chief Financial Officer, Anna Stélenbring, tel.

`46-70-814 23 44, e-mail: anna.