F.2.3 A service table containing the normal hours of service of all workers, except auxiliary workers, is posted to a place accessible to workers at least seven days before it comes into force, but changes may be made at a later date due to illness or absence of another worker, either by mutual agreement or where the requirements of the Agency`s amendments are required. (a) in writing, designate the parties to the agreement and be signed by the employer and the worker and, if the worker is under the age of 18, the worker`s parent or legal guardian; (i) the employer must keep a copy of an agreement covered in point 18.11 as a worker`s file. Relevant quality of the person at the time of entering into a training contract as an apprentice 4.9 The right to enter into an agreement under item 4 is complementary and is not intended to affect by other means any agreement for an agreement between an employer and an individual worker during another term of office of that distinction. (g) An agreement must not have the effect that the worker`s accumulated entitlement to paid annual leave lasts less than four weeks. 5.1 This arbitration award contains facilitation provisions that allow an agreement to be reached between the employer and the workers on how to apply specific employment bonus rules. Facilitation provisions are set out in point 5.3. Flexitime can be used by workers, in agreement between the Chief Executive Officer and the majority of employees who may involve a worker`s representative, in the ordinary working hours indicated in the workers` office. C.6.1 An intern who completes an internship of school age may, with the intern`s consent, receive an additional 25% for all regular hours of work instead of paid annual leave, paid personal/person leave and paid absence on public holidays, provided that, if the trainee is working on a public holiday, the legal provisions of this bonus apply. b) Any payment of a given annual paid leave is subject to a separate agreement in accordance with point 18.11 above. 5.3 The following facilitation provisions may be used by appointment between the employer and the majority of workers involved in the workplace, provided that the agreement in point 5.4 (a) is compliant: (ii) duration of the agreement (if any) and 4.3 The agreement between the employer and the individual worker must lead to the worker, at the time of the agreement, being generally better placed than the worker if no individual flexibility agreement has been reached.