09. TERM AND TERMINATION This agreement begins on the last signing date below. The contract will remain valid until either the services are concluded and provided under this agreement, or until the project is terminated by one of the parties, as shown below. I thank Sebastian Meine, PhD. with Simple Fast Marketing, for telling me how important it is to properly organize pro bono service contracts. I agree to provide the services listed under the conditions and will not charge a fee. I receive free services for people who lack the income or resources to pay for this assistance. These services are provided on the same terms as those provided in a commitment agreement in relation to other paid services. The only difference is that these customers are offered a Pro Bono service contract instead of an invoice. An example is published below. 15.

INTEGRATION This agreement includes the parties` full understanding of the next purpose and replaces and merges all prior and simultaneous agreements, agreements and discussions between the parties regarding this project. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and other writings relating to this draft, without any modification by both parties, the terms of this agreement are monitored. NOTE: 100% pro-bono ($XXXX market price estimate is made here) 11. FORCE MAJEURE [YOUR ENTREPRISE/NOM] are not considered a violation of this agreement, if it is unable to complete its services, or part of it, due to a fire, an earthquake, a labour dispute, an act of God or a public enemy, the death, illness or incapacity of a team member [YOUR COMPANY/NAME] or a local, state, federal, national or international law, public order or regulation or other out-of-control event [YOUR COMPANY/NAME] (together a „event of force“). Following a force majeure event, [YOUR COMPANY/NAME] will notify the client of their inability to complete or delay benefits under this agreement and propose changes to the schedule or provisions to allow the project to be completed. By [YOUR COMPANY/NAME]. [YOUR ENTREPRISE/NOM] assures and assures the client that (i) he or she provides the services covered in this agreement in a professional and professional manner and in accordance with all appropriate professional standards for these services; (ii) with the exception of third-party materials and the client`s content, the end services are the original work of [YOUR SOCIÉTÉ/NAME] and/or its independent contractors or volunteers, (iii) any independent contractor whose work has been ordered and integrated into the elements of the provision of this project has granted [YOUR ENTREPRISE/NAME] all rights, titles and interest necessary for this work, sufficient to allow [YOUR SOCIÉTÉ/NOM] to grant the client the intellectual property rights provided by this agreement and (iv) , the work provided by it and its subcontractors does not infringe the rights of a party, and the use of this work in this project does not infringe the rights of third parties. In the event that the customer or a third party otherwise alters or uses delivery items outside the box or for purposes that have not been identified in the proposal or this Agreement, or if it violates the terms of this provision, all [YOUR COMPANY/NAME] assurances and guarantees are cancelled.