(17) The licensee heresafter acknowledges that the express intention of the parties to this agreement is that the relationship between the lessor and the tenant is in no way considered established by the landlord or otherwise between them. This agreement merely confirms the mere authorization of Leave and License and does not arouse any interest in either the aforementioned premises or part of it for the benefit of the licensee. It is not provided in this agreement to create or create leasing portions for the benefit of the licensee. It is not provided in this agreement to create a sublease of leasing or other rights, titles and interests in or on these premises for the benefit of the licensee, and the licensee hereafter accepts that the licensee is in no way entitled to rent, to sub-tenancy or any other right to any form in or on these premises Dear Sir, you have been friendly enough to allow us: the above premises on Leave and License Basis empty our date agreement – I undertake to take legal action against the sublette licensee – regarding my inability to ensure free and peaceful possession of the apartment by the licensee of the nursing business after the expiry of the initial or longer subletting period- Taker of the licence – Taking care of the company as a party to the proceedings and repaying the expenses of the company that , if necessary, must be created by the company as part of legal proceedings to recover the part of the dwelling. [After bye-law No. 45 (2) (I)] The form of the application for permission to sublet give on leave and license or love-care, This message is given attached to Limited_________________________________________________________________ our dish no -ground, _____Herr _______Operatives social housing. and maintain apartment No. in the company building for subletting on the basis of care and vacation and the licence base in question -Part of the apartment cited (7) It is also agreed that the telephone electricity bills of these premises will only be paid by the licensee and these invoices will be properly paid to the licensee for his information and statements. Company/B.M.C expenses.

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