The implementation of the agreement is the first step to ensure a positive outcome of the meeting. It is equally important that, during a job interview, hiring managers are equipped with interview know-how. Watch the interview kit here. Once tailored to your business, this type of agreement should be used to protect your company`s interests in situations where confidential information may be disclosed during exploratory interviews with potential candidates. This model is used to clearly articulate confidentiality protocols and ask for confirmation that the person understands these protocols. The person will know what is considered confidential and what is not to ensure that your confidential information is protected. During the activity, proprietary information, such as technologies used, business challenges or upcoming projects, can be shared with potential candidates in interviews or with other companies that are exploring a potential business partnership with your company. It is important that, in such a situation, outside parties are invited to sign a confidentiality agreement for exploding discussions before the meeting. The signed agreement provides a safe environment for all parties to exchange and obtain proprietary information for decision-making.

Employees of your company can be reassured to provide the proprietary information, as they know that the information is not disclosed or used for personal purposes and that outside parties are aware of their obligations to protect the information shared. The agreement creates the conditions for a more fruitful meeting for all parties. The confidentiality agreement for exploratory discussions shall clearly set out information that is relevant to the ownership and obligations of the undersigned party during and after the term of the contract. HR sends the agreement to your company`s staff for transmission to the signatories, but the agreement must be signed and returned to hr before the meeting. This serves to ensure that you have a legally binding contract.