The Union is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Christian Schools Australia (CSA). A well-known issue, which affects a small number of members and prevents them from registering for their accounts on this site, has been resolved. Education officials, professional officers, psychologists and administrative staff from the Catholic Office of the Catholic School of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle (CSO) will participate this week in a second cycle of protected trade union action, following new announcements of restructuring of the diocese. The NSW Exchange Teachers League (ETL) celebrates 90 years of voluntary service to the educational community in 2020 with a birthday dinner. A member`s request at a chapter meeting led a number of teachers to discover that they had not been properly classified and were entitled to a revaluation of their salary level. UNESCO and the United Nations General Assembly have made 24 January the first International Day of Education to raise awareness of the need for access to quality fair education around the world. The EUI has submitted a formal request for an independent review of national funding schemes that promote access to quality early childhood education for all children in the year before full-time school. May 16 will be the first International Assistance Staff Day and the IEU has created a print poster for our representatives and members to raise awareness and promote this important day. The free continuing professional education for EUI Early Childhood members allows you to stay informed about current topics in early childhood education, both with your professional learning and with the maintenance of your teacher accreditation. Paul Murphy: April 4, 1952 – December 19, 2018. Paul Murphy is a former collaborator of the IEU.

This piece was first published in the Sydney Morning Herald. There were a large number of testing and evaluation systems. Principals met to discuss this emerging problem. Independent schools throughout NSW and the ACT recently published Notices of Employee Representation Rights (NERRs). This is the first step that employers must legally take before the start of negotiations on new multi-company agreements (MEAS). Appointments to the EUI Sub-Councils were opened today, 8 May 2018. After a long campaign, union negotiations on the NSW and the ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2020 (the largest EA) are finally over. As a result of these negotiations, an agreement was also reached on the NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Principals Enterprise Agreement 2020 (principal EA). EU members are invited to apply, on behalf of their schools, universities or early childhood centres, for a grant of $3,000 each, sponsored by the union to help with its environmental projects. The IEU has a proud history of funding and supporting educational projects that bring sustainable development projects to life and is the sole promoter of this initiative. It`s Monday, October 9 and it`s my 6th update for our members in all 11 Catholic dioceses….